About us

Every woman is beautiful, just as God created them. But if you want to stand out, be unique, special, express yourself through details or just cheer yourself up, you’re in the right place.

Egor Khoroshenkov is a graduated biologist from Kuban State University in the south of Russia, specialized in zoology of vertebrates. He’s also a doctor in biological science and he’s been always inspired and interested in the beauty of nature, with the image of the woman as the first representation of it.

He’s been traveling over the years through different exotic countries, learning the culture of all these wonderful places and also getting to know their people. He says: “I could not resist the idea of putting together in some sort of way, all the beauty, splendor, charm, exquisiteness and majesty of what I was discovering and contemplating in my journeys, inside and outside. Beside this, I clearly realized that I wanted to do something with my own hands, trying to create something that nobody had done before”. So, he decided to do his superb versions of diadems for women, bringing to life a visionary concept. He chooses all the materials to use in his work and the ones he employ the most are natural bird feathers from different species and the precious and semiprecious stones, due to their extremely gorgeousness.

When he creates a new piece, he’s picturing in his mind a woman, a beautiful woman, and he imagines what he could do to emphasize her natural beauty. Hair ornaments with original designs, unique combinations of colors and textures, elegant shapes with delicate details, his diadems emphasize, for example, the deep colors of the eyes, the swan curve of a neck or the grace oval shape of a face.

The first gift presented to a woman has been given by nature, her beauty. Other gifts are supposed to be made from female beauty fans, men. And these peerless jewelry is Egor Khoroshenkov’s humble gift to them, designed to empower the magnificence of the woman.

Perhaps it is here where you find what you have been looking for to make your image unforgettable.